Reflections on NYCairo 2014

July 23, 2014 | by Elena Faye  As soon as the NYCairo Festival ended this past April, preparations were already being made for next year’s event.  As the organizers prepare to announce the line-up for the 2015 festival, they’re also reflecting on what was the first of many NYCairo events to come. The brainchild of international touring artist Mohamed Shahin and New [...] Continue reading >

Introducing the BDA Blog!

It’s an exciting time to be a belly dancer. Boundaries have been pushed, new genres created, and although everyone has their preferences and opinions, there is a place and community for nearly every imaginable style. International cooperation is more fluid than ever, thanks to modern technology that allows for wide-reaching exposure and ease of communication across oceans.   And with the [...] Continue reading >

“STAYING FREE AND ALIVE” by Phaedra (Arabesque Magazine, 1978)

STAYING FREE AND ALIVE by Phaedra (Phyllis Saretta) Reprinted with permission from Arabesque Magazine, courtesy of Phaedra.        I feel compelled to write about the following incident because I’m sure that others in the oriental dance profession have at one time or another gone through a similar experience, or will perhaps encounter the same problem in the future. [...] Continue reading >



        Fantasy seems to be the growing new reality for bellydance in America.  Winged goddesses, mythological archetypes, masked creatures and elementals are re-emerging from the depths of our psyches to become the inspiration for many bellydancers in this age. Theatrical plays, concerts and works on video, enacting famous myths or personal dramas incorporating several dance forms, are becoming [...] Continue reading >

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