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Stamford, Connecticut – United States
STYLE: Egyptain, Ab Cab and fusion

She has been belly dancing for 14 years, has attended many classes and workshops in the NY,NY & CT. She is also a regular performer at Rakkasah East Festivals in Somerset,NJ. She prefers belly dance as a passionate hobby. She is also a jewelry designer, she does special orders to match costumes.


Brooklyn, – United States
STYLE: Spanish Arabic Fusikon and Oriental Dance

Altagracia has been dancing and performing since the age of 5. She has taken all her dance experience and training that ranges from Middle Eastern Dance,Latin, Hispanic Folkloric,Flamenco,Jazz and Ballet and developed her own unique style of Spanish Arabic Fusion and Oriental Dance. Altagracia’s 25 years experience teaching dance has enriched and inspired her students to dance beyond any limits.

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Amani Jabril

Location: Atlanta, Georgia  - United States
Bio: Performer, instructor, choreographer & event sponsor.

Amani Jabril is best known for her fluid and deeply sensual style of dance, she has built her reputation on delivering stellar dance technique combined with the heart and soul of the Middle East. Trained from an early age in dance and drama, Amani has studied and performed extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America. She is now teaching nationally with workshops scheduled around the United States and at the Amani Oriental Festival in Beirut, Lebanon.



New York City, New York – United States
STYLE: Egyptian cabaret


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amara al amir
Amara Al Amir

Raleigh, North Carolina – United States
STYLE: Egyptian Orientale, Folkloric, Turkish, Armenian, Greek

Amara is an Artistic Director, Choreographer, Concert Performer, Master Teacher, Designer, Workshop Teacher, Seminar Leader and Guest Lecturer of new and old world dances of the Middle East. She has been awarded performances for the United Nations, The Tourism Authority for Egypt and Egypt Air, and The Egyptian American Professional Society. Amara has spent a lifetime across all aspects of Belly Dance. She focuses her work on workshops, events and classes that communicate this knowledge around the .world. How wonderful to learn about Belly Dance as a performance Art with a cultural heritage, as fun and for health, as a means to income and more. She has been successfully producing educational dance workshops and dance programs for stage, fund-raisers, corporate functions, and cultural events for more than twenty years. Amara’s resources and calendars are carefully planned to provide a layering of skill, technique, information, history an absolute unlimited possibilities.

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Amera Eid
Amera Eid

Ameras Palace Belly Dance Boutique Sydn
Sydney NSW , – Australia
STYLE: Egyptian

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Nashville , Tennessee – United States
STYLE: Tribal


I am just a student of this art and love to meet others at haflas. I have taken workshops with Hadia, Jillian, Tempest, Ariel, Rachel Brice and a few others

America Tru

San Antonio bellydancer, America Tru a committed  instructor and performer, who has been featured on Kens 5 , &  Telemundo …


My lifelong passion for dance & music led me to walk into a local belly dance class were I discovered the Art of Belly dancing. Instantly amazed at the dedication it takes to isolate the body, I fell in love with the beauty of this dance. I knew immediately that I wanted to explore the world of Belly dancing and that this was to be my life long career.


My eagerness to learn has led me to study several forms of belly dance. Egyptian Raks Sharki is my specialty. The beauty of this dance form is that you can never stop learning. There is always something amazing you can add to a basic movement to make it uniquely yours. So as any good artist would, I keep up to date with the latest techniques by traveling to and attending workshops. Here I have the opportunity to be taught by some of the world’s most reputable belly dancers.  I enjoy instructing belly dancing classes in San Antonio as well as performing on stage, it is a true passion being able to share this dance with other women.


Amira S'iddiqah
Amira S’iddiqah

Sandton/East Rand , South Africa
STYLE: Afro-Fusion, Tribal Fusion, American Caberet

Amira began her bellydance career under the tutelage of the “Grandmother of SA bellydance”, Shalimar Harrison. In addition she has studied further whenever the opportunities presented and many have, including the unparalleled opportunity of further tutelage under several of California’s Master teachers, and the opportunity to attend workshops and private tuition sessions with bellydance superstar Rania. Amira is a BDASA [and thus SADTA] accredited teacher, and is also affiliated with international organisation MEDCA.

Anastasia NAR

Location: NY – United States

Bio: Anastasia – actress, designer, model, choreographer, exotic redhead beauty with green eyes and one of the most popular, top-rated dancers in New York and New Jersey. Born and raised in a beautiful city of Tashkent, that has imposed imperceptible aroma on style and manner of dancing.

“Dancing is my passion, my life, my air!” Anastasia became recognized dancer in Uzbekistan for the most part because of the unique image, precise technique and fountain of energy.   Creativity expands beyond dancing, Anastasia designed and made all of her costumes.

As of right now Anastasia is accepting bookings in NY and NJ area as well as oversees tours.